Scholarship information

What does an HySET Erasmus Mundus scholarship cover?

The scholarship is awarded for full time enrolment and will cover the entire duration of the Master programme (24 months). A reduced duration of the scholarship possible if recognition of prior learning (of min. 1 year). 

The student scholarship for the HySET programme includes:

  • A scholarship tuition waiver: this covers the costs for programme tuition plus health insurance
  • A monthly living allowance amounting to 1,400 EUR for the entire duration of the HySET programme that cover the contribution to travel and installation costs: this is meant to support your travel and settling at an HySET location (e.g., flight airfare and visa fees).

All prospective HySET students can apply for scholarships. The scholarship is the same for EU and non-EU students.

Please, notice that max 10% of (regular) scholarships to students of the same nationality. However, the scholarships open to students from anywhere in the world, the EU also granted us scholarships for specific “target regions”. This is good news for students from those target countries from which we normally do not receive many applications. If you come from the following regions, feel especially encouraged to apply:

NDICI Regions and IPA III (see pages 34 and 35 of the Program Guide available at

Are self-paid positions available?

Yes, if you are interested in joining the HySET EMJM although you are not eligible for a scholarship, you can be considered as a self-paying student.

Details of tuition fees are as follows:

  • European students are charged 4.500 € per year (9.000 € in total)
  • Non-European students are charged 9.000 € per year (18.000 € in total).
Tuition fees should be paid in full before enrolling in studies. All the payments will be managed by the coordinating institution. Tuition fees only cover administrative fees and the academic costs of the programme. They do not include:

  • Costs for living, housing and travel
  •  Cost for Seasonal Schools or other initiatives
  • Health and accident insurance.

Contribution to individual needs of students with disabilities

Financial assistance for the specific needs of students with disabilities is available if they meet the general eligibility criteria.

All enrolled students, regardless of scholarship status, who have disabilities such as long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments, may apply for support costs including the acquisition of special equipment or services, assistance from a third party, adaptations to their work environment, and additional travel or transportation costs.

We remind students that those who have already benefitted from an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) scholarship are not eligible to apply for an additional scholarship.