Tips to prepare a successful application

Here are some tips to prepare a successful application. Those tips will be updated regularly according to your questions and feedback.

The application can be completed progressively and submitted far before the deadline. Even after submission, any field or document can be modified (except for the contact information of your referees – see below). Our advice is to prevent any last-minute rush (or technical issue) by submitting your application as soon as possible.

The letter of motivation (addressed to the HySET program chair, Prof. Santarelli) is a one-page letter in font 11pt stating your motivations to join the program but also the reasons why the Admission Board should select your application.

A short video (2-3 min) where the applicant introduces himself or herself and explains his or her goals and motivation for applying to HySET. Do not hesitate to be creative but, first of all, make sure that we can hear you properly.


The letters of recommendation from the referees (teachers or work manager). These letters have to be uploaded on the application platform. Think carefully about who you want to ask for these letters. Your referees have to know you personally and devote some time to understand the HySET program. They have to convince us that you are the right candidate for this program. Those letters are the main “last-minute issue” encountered by the applicants.

All the documents have to be submitted in English. Your degrees and transcripts have to be translated (if not in English) and certified by a notary public or equivalent.

Do not hesitate to mention any valuable experience: related to the energy sector or because it gave you the opportunity to develop or polish your skills, be it technical or linked to communication, leadership, management, etc. It can be mentioned in the video or in the motivation letter, and you can join documents to your application.

Check the Fees and Scholarships page, and especially the section “Additional EMJM scholarships”.

If you don’t find the answer to your question on this website or on the application platform, double-check and send us an email at the address you can find in the footer of this page.

To convert your CGPA on a scale of 4.0, please apply a linear conversion and give 2 numbers after the decimal point (#.##).

Keep in mind that we have to balance the student distribution between the two entry points (Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano)